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Mrs. Marilie Bunce is a specialist in real estate investments, with extensive knowledge in coastal Orange County development. She was born and raised in Southern California and currently resides in Laguna Niguel CA.

Marilie has always had a passion for architecture, design, and project development. She began her real estate career in 1999 and has developed vacant land, commercial and residential properties. She understands the coastal lifestyle and delivers to her clients strategic and knowledgeable representation. Clients appreciate her knowledge of the market and her ability to negotiate favorable outcomes.

Marilie has set a year-to-date record in Laguna Beach at $5,618 per square foot. On many occasions, she has negotiated transactions for clients involving properties not offered to the public.


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When a buyer is looking to purchase their next home, it can be the area surrounding the property that can help in their final decision to purchase a home. I develop, with my film team, multiple short films. Conveying the unique story of a home, and the culture surrounding it. Film enables the buyer to get emotionally connected, online. A great tool for my strategic real estate marketing campaign designed and developed for you.