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Marilie Croul Bunce, with nearly two decades of real estate sales success, creates innovative, dynamic, and progressive real estate services with clients in the film, music, and sports industry. “In real estate sales it’s about strategy, how to make your listing standout from the others available. Knowing who your Buyer is and connecting with them is the first step. Exposure, creating a short film campaign targeted to the specific Buyer by creating the story of a home and the area the home is centered. Allowing the Buyers to connect online, have them fall in love with the property before they walk in the front door.” Marilie’s goal is to sell at the highest price per sq. ft. within the shortest timeframe as she has accomplished with a Historic property located on Shaw’s Cove in iconic Laguna Beach California.

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When a buyer is looking to purchase their next home, it can be the area surrounding the property that can help in their final decision to purchase a home. I develop, with my film team, multiple short films. Conveying the unique story of a home, and the culture surrounding it. Film enables the buyer to get emotionally connected, online. A great tool for my strategic real estate marketing campaign designed and developed for you.