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About MORE


About MORE

Over the last 3 decades George Goldstein has been one of the first to identify Macro events and trends in Real Estate. The Wealth Management Group served as the umbrella for innovations in the Multifamily sector with over 600 apartment buildings sold in 2 years in Los Angeles County all with a 10% cash on cash actual. This business was sold to Sotheby’s in 2007.


George Goldstein was the first “Green” broker in Los Angeles in 2008 and completed LEED AP program as well as NAR Green Broker and an active member of NREL, EPA as well as author of the “White Paper” which is known as Energy Efficient Mortgage- which converts the reduction of operating expenses to backend ratios. The second White Paper became the Renewable Energy Work Program for returning veterans for Iraq and Afghanistan. These are Mainstreet jobs giving back to the communities and a well-paying job for our heroes.

Last January George Goldstein identified the Great Migration and while realtors were
concentrating the sales in their city 2 out of 3 sales moved to the country. As such Goldstein invested 18 months in understanding and achieving recognition and credentials with the USDA and FSA. A little-known fact that 97% of the US is zoned rural in those market places the USDA offers 150 loan options and 250 grant options. As the rest of the marketplace is just recognizing the impact on society and opportunity the NEW FARMER program with the USDA invites our society to all the benefits of an IRS schedule F with a starting rate of 5%. Or that the USDA offers loans up to $35million at a 70% LTV.

The future if farming is AI and robotics as well as hydroponics increasing yields from 4-40%. We need to provide Food Security to our society as a priority, as my late mother said, “You can be poor for a lifetime but hungry for 3 days” This entire new direction has given birth to a new branding MORE Modern Real Estate Services-brokers-advisors-USDA loans-programs-grants.


You said you wanted MORE to come and enjoy the future with MORE.

About George

I have spent the last 15 years working in the field of real estate as a broker with numerous accomplishments in dollars of sales and quantity of sales exceeding $1 billion.

My credentials in sustainability


I authored two White Papers at the request of the executive branch of the government:
1-Energy Efficient Mortgages- converting reduction of operating expenses into equity
2-Renewable Energy Job Programs for retuning veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan

For the last 2 years I have been working closely and studying the USDA and Rural Development programs, grants and loans. Tracking the quantity and quality of farming techniques as they apply to our current and future changes in water and fertile land. It has become apparent from all measurements that the status quo will need change. Based on the migration due to covid and the great resignation that has now left *20% of office and retail buildings vacant I am focused on vertical urban farming.


Vertical Urban Farming requires my unique knowledge of both the commercial real estate market as well as the agricultural and scientific background for implementation. As the urban farmers have seen great success and numerous investments from major player’s they have not the skills to select the real property that will be the best and highest value. On the other side the real estate investors have little to no knowledge of how to develop and value such endeavors. This is where my expertise is unique and valued.
I am inviting both farmers and property owners as well as advisory boards to engage my services in this area as a consultant, broker strategic planner.

George Goldstein
*seeking alpha

George Goldstein, Leadership Council NSBA

George Goldstein, Leadership Council NSBA

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