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Yet another step in vertical farming Bowery and others expanding their business beyond greens to berries. Plenty and Driscoll and Bowery are expanding the vertical farming industry and its none to soon. All of these companies share similiar platforms of growing and reselling to others. This works terrific when there's a grocery store to sell these products, however the issue of "food deserts" the lack of retail grocery stores is only being addressed at this time by my organization UFO-urban farm organization. The difference is our farms will be in these communities as a vertical urban farm utilizing existing vacant buildings. Another key difference is that there is a zero carbon footprint to delivery these products to the end user. Additionally, the valuation fo the farm goes beyond the productivity it includes the re-valuation of the real property. Our society deserves food security and as others are focused on Wall Street and big deals with Whole Foods and Walmart. UFO focus is Main Street and customizes crops to community cuisines and ethnic specialties as well as basics. UFO includes a food bank and farm to school program. With the cost and quality of food continuing to be an issue and traditional farming dealing with drought and other climatical episodes the vertical urban farm is a needed component to our food security. Its great to read the news about all of theses accomplishments and I for one appreciate and respect the journey these companies have made. One thing we have all learned from the pandemic is that the status quo is just a variety of habits that are comfortable but not necessariliy the most productive. This new wave of agricuture using 10% of the water and no pestisides and no seasons is a solution to many of our global issues. From my point of view focusing on a neighborhood a community is the thread that makes us a society. Come be a part of UFO urban farm organization

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