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Biggest Greenhouse in US the future of farming-tomato- tomatoe

60 acre indoor farm 90% less water 30 times the yield

AppHarvest "Summer Refresh" a 2.8 million sq ft facility in Morehead Kentucky is leading the US into the future of Smart Farming with its facility that will yield 45 million pounds of tomatoes. Using 90% less water this is a prime example of what can be accomplished with existing technology. With a 2 month turn of crops mature plants of 40 feet after planting. No seasonal issues, no environmental impact. Just great food and plenty of it. while the USDA is looking for 20th century solutions of adding farmland as a solution the restrictions of both water and quality of soil make this a non-starter. It's time for a change for the better the only emotion that prevents us is fear but what are we afraid of ? Jonatan Webb CEO of AppHarvest is pleased by the progress and this 60 acre indoor farm leads us to another point the reuse of abandoned offices, malls and parking structures. Produce MORE with less

Is the biggest greenhouse in the US the future of farming_ - CNN
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