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You Are What You Eat

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Our health and our entire being is tied to our diet. Food is fuel for our body not just entertainment when we are bored or celebrating.

What we eat effects our entire being and the goal of MORE is to not only increase the amount of food we grow to end hunger but also to increase the nutritional value of what we eat so that we get the best fuel that produces the highest performance in our lives. In our country we have been influenced by the large company’s interests be it cow’s milk, red meat, sugar or salt. The US food industry has turned into food junkies that are feeding addictions. Our waistlines and our health have a connection let’s not confuse body shaming with bad eating habits although there are some shared elements. MORE makes vertical farming a key part of the solution to this as its about access to healthy food as an alternative. Additionally, engaging the children in community gardens where their ownership of that apple and carrot suddenly makes it a delicious magical choice. It doesn’t take tricks and ads to start a person down the road to a health palate it takes exposure.

In every community lies a vacant lot or abandoned building there’s no shortage of space. Engaging a community in a garden is by far the easiest and best first step it also is the perfect time to introduce smart farming methods so that from the very start so doing it the best way first. You can even start with indoor hydroponic sets. Nothing is more magical than watching something grow. That brings us to the next issue of farm to school theses programs exist via USDA, PTA , various other groups it is the next step in the cycle of good nutrition and again its educational, engaging and satisfying. So many schools have been donated land and have the ability to add a small community farm to their programs.

Let’s think big for a moment about AMAZON and their Whole Foods division. They, as a local employer with ample land, could add a community farm and coop to any or all of its facilities as well as serve as a mobile food bank as they have refrigerated trucks and why not? If we put our focus on a solution it would be a win-win and in fact it’s a surprise that they have not considered this on their own. Let’s give them the chance. We must begin with a plan that’s what I offer and the practical manner to apply this throughout our society.


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