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Katie Fitzgerald President of Feeding America in an interview on augustust 4th with Varney and Co of Fox News stated that the CPI increased by 10.4% in june and the cost of food increased 12.2% in the same period. There has been a 65% increase surge in demand as a result. for example in Philadelphia the icrease from 90k per week to 140k per week demonstrates that with high employment the costs of necessities have driven more families to food banks. The prediction is that the food banks will have a 70% increase in their costs for food to compound the 65% increase of demand. Billionaire supermarket owners are quiet on this matter and offer very little support if any.


Vertical Urban Farms, my compnay MORE has a program UFO Urban Farm Organization we will place vertical urban farms in underserved location, unlike other farms we will sell our produce directly to the communites using Main Street locations reusing exisiting buildings. Additionally, a food bank and a afrm to school program will be included in every location. Currently food travels up to 1500 miles to groceries stores the carbon footprint alone is 70% of Co2 as well as 70% of all water, which is in short supply goes the agriculture, UFO using 5% of that water. Having fresh healthy food grown and sold in communites is one of the best solutions to this problem of food deserts. Lets not forget the selling directly to consumer with a zero cost to deliver will make the cost of produce much lower. In as much as the mix of produce can be customized to the community as well as 8 turns of crops versus 2 in conventional farming. UFO is in the process of identifying strategic partnership as well as equity partners. Vertical urban farms is not a new idea UFO takes the next step. Let's nourish our society and eliminate food security with so many vacant buildings creating a value to them that does more than pay rent it feeds your community. Be part of the solution UFO

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