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Vertical Urban Farming, Farm to Table, The Silver Lining, Food Deserts

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Each event is an opportunity for us to make a positive change if we so desire. My late mother, a survivor of the holocaust, always said if you are always looking down you never see the sunshine. No question about it this is that moment if we just look.

The re-population of our society has left many urban communities, their shopping centers and commercial offices empty without a near time solution as site locators are looking elsewhere. This has left what is referred to as "FOOD DESERTS” not to be confused with desserts. Urban vertical farms have been successful over the years and the notion of farm to table for 5 star restaurants is popular. Now using the real estate formula of “best and highest use” suddenly a mall reused as a indoor hydroponic vertical farm makes dollars and sense. A parking structure an office building etc. Look Warren Buffett was locking up all the Sears stores to do a WeWork copy cat it seems interesting that he bought Kroegers last month and sold Biogen. Imagine that C level mall that’s lost all of its tenants as a working vertical farm the employment, the revenue and it revalues itself both as real property and as a bulk value business. Based on the smart farming techniques it is more than doable it’s a solution. To be clear a valuation of a commercial or any income property is based on both the quality of the tenant and the volume of that business. Vertical farming in reuse hits the target and insures the community access to healthy affordable food. While REITS are ignoring these elements as they make their money in a different manner whether the investor does or not this fundamentally creates actual value as well as cash flow. The smart farm techniques enhance yields 10-40 times as such a square foot of a mall now becomes a linear foot and amplifies the value. Adding income to Main Street as well as in many instances revitalizing an abandoned property is good for everyone. While Simon Properties buys out their failed tenants and becomes a vertical retailer urban vertical farming will create more revenue and greater value per square foot as well as serve a community inclusively. Food desert become an oasis and being indoor seasons don’t exist and turns of crops can be 6 times a year reusing 99% of the nutrients. Good for the planet good for the people good returns on an investment. Join me as part of the solution food for thought!

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