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Vertical Urban Farm author Dickson Despommier 10th anniversary and my birthday. Sometimes a solution occurs before the problem is identified such is the case of urban vertical farming. The problem is obvious we have shortage of water, fertile land, a changing landscape of where we work and live. Vertical Urban farming solves the problem in the following ways: Its uses only 10% of the water, its organic, it has no seasons so every 6 weeks is a new crop, it eliminates food deserts as it goes from farm to fork and it reuses the now 25-50% vacant urban offices and retail centers with best of use valuations. Let's talk about the food via LED lighting spectrums the quality of the produce down to the aroma and taste can be enhanced so a beefsteak tomato smells and tastes as good as it looks. Nest as a real estate investment we convert values of square feet to cubic feet as such the and overall valuation and roi can be as much as 6 times its previous use. As a realtor that has invested over 15 years in the areas of sustainability I am LEED SP, USGBC, NAR Green and the author or White papers on the subject there is nothing that needs to be invented . everything we need to execute theses farms already exists. Why have shortages and high prices on our food supply when we can have a Horn of Plenty.

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