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La Nina although not as severe per NASA/JPL observations has still had and will have a great impact on this years crops. Iowa, the Carolinas are in severe drought during the winter. Look at California in the high 80s at the beach. I am in Park City and they have not and snow for two months. The reality is that we are running out of water and our agriculture uses 70% of our water and by the way 40% of that evaporates. Inflation last month7.5% and 40% year to date the cost of food has already significantly increased and its going get more expensive. One solution is clear that Vertical Urban Farms that use only 10% of the water and are communtiy based to both underserved areas as well as schools, hospitals. This MAIN STREET approach ultilizing the now vacant property as a result of the working from home. Capable of providing customized crops to individual communites with 6 crops per year takes 100ksq ft building into 28 acres of crops is significant. Its time to change our evil ways. Having spent over 2 years working with and studying the existing farmers practices and their capacity to evolve I have concluded that this will not happen. We must look at new ways to provide nutricous food without a 1000miles of travel from farm to store. The pandemic created a golden opprotuniy to change the status quo. While we tweedle our thumbs and expect some miracle to occur or the farming industry to make a significant change we need food now. The new big vertical farms being built like Iron Ox are years away and are hindred if not thousands of miles from the stores. The vertical urban farm is in your neighborhood and can be up and running in months. Let's face it you are what you eat and when you cannot afford wquality organic food you know where that leads. We can go without alot of things but food, water and shelter are necessities and a well nourished person is happier and healthier and that makes our society a better place. As a 1st responder I learned the basics 80% of the people beleive someone will save them 10% dont believe its happening and 105 prepare. My vertical urban farms aka UFO urban Farm Organization is that 10%.

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