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A Happy thanksgiving to everyone. We have so much to be grateful for this year. I want to share with you why I am grateful in hopes that it will bring some happiness to you and yours. I have been on this journey that is now called MORE I have chosen to participate in bringing nutritious, healthy and delicious food via vertical urban farming.

Without going into all the problems let's just talk about the solutions we can achieve. With so much focus of a lack of plentiful supplies this holiday it is the perfect backdrop for MORE. Vertical urban farming is beneficial in creating the quality and quantity of food we deserve and should expect. By re-using existing building we accomplish much MORE we reduce the carbon footprint in this re-use as neither materials needed nor the transportation required. As such, the impact upon our climate and sustainability factors in a big way to this advantage.

The next is time as we eat everyday time is of the essence between purchasing the land and planning to construction of a vertical farm easily years can go by. Being in the right place at the right time is key we have "food deserts" literally communities that no longer have a grocery store so even if there becomes a supply of food there's no place to buy it. Real property valuations taking abandoned malls and store fronts as well as parking structures that have zero income and converting them into vertical urban farms creates an entirely new valuation that is measured in cubic feet and with no seasons and being able to use less than 10% of the water needed in conventional farming and being able to use the energy grid when it has the lowest cost is a winning combination for the investor the investment and our society.

Having spent over 20 years engaged in environmental sciences and there application in valuations of real estate this is by far the culmination of this education and my desire to make a positive impact. Literally billions of dollars has poured into vertical farming however the category of "urban" applications has not until now been discussed as a real estate investment it time to have MORE than a new agricultural paradigm in smart farming let's bring the farm to our communities. We deserve delicious healthy nutritious food and with MORE it's next door.

Very best,


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