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This weeks article in the New York Times regarding greenhouse /indoor agriculture brings up the one and only negative which is GREENHOUSE GAS . As agriculture contributes one quarter of the world greenhouse gas paricularly from the requirement of trucking the produce to the stores. Jonathan Webb of AppHarvest who runs a 60 acres indoor farm raised over $475m last year as this industry in the future horn of plenty. Without restrictions of mother nature yeilds can be 400 times that per acres as such a growing hungry population will rely on this method to meet the growing needs of our world hunger. To be precise 3-3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas is created to produce one pound of tomatoes due to the distance between farm and consumer.

The solution is obvious grow the food where the people live UFO Urban Farm Organization believes that we can reuse the exisiting vacant properties ir Bed Bath and Beyond -KMarts etc and reuse them as vertical urban farms that have a direct to consumer on site store. This eliminates the carbon footprint created under the current format. In addition to providing healthy organic food these locations will be in food deserts. As the other farmers sell to big box retailers ie Walmart, Costco and Whole Foods. UFO puts the food in the communites in need. With the consumer direct approach margins, freshness and varieties are customized in each farm/store. Additionally, the wastage goes into a food bank instead of the garbage helping to provide food security to those in need. Lastly, UFO has a farm to school program where the local students participate in growing food that will be part of the schools menu adding to healthy eating habits. Its not creating the wheel its making it better. Invest in UFO

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