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UFO -Urban Farm Organization the Main Street Vertical Farms

Everyday in everyway the handwriting is on the wall that vertical farming is now and this article in the New York Times explains the magnitude and benefits already from vertical farms. With firms such as Plenty, Aerofarms, Kalera and Bowery already raising billions of dollars and growing crops in the billions of dollars its now.

UFO-Urban Farm Organization, my firm is establishing the Main Street application as these firms all share a common structure which is reselling these crops to big box chains. The problem isn't that we can't grow enough food in these vertical farms its distribution. The Food Deserts and the underserved communities will continue to be underserved. Publicly traded companies are not going to enter into this market at first because it not what they do. Traffic count and population predicates the site locations not the needs of a community. Don't get me wrong UFO is a for profit business as a matter of fact the pro forma on our 50k sq ft farm generates $47m in gross revenue per year with an $11m pre tax income. The payback is less than 2 years. There additional benefits that UFO has in regards to communities, they will be partners in these farms and have equity, as well as a Food Bank and farm to school programs. The increased valuation of the real property as a result of the business and its value. and vertical tenancy, this is a real estate investment as much as a farm. Wall Street firms get entitlements for their benefits in an enterprise zone. UFO gets theses benefits and shares them with the community. As all new ideas it takes time for it to be recognized and in my careers in fashion and real estate this has always been my culture to identify the future application as a boutique rather than a big box. As we continue to accept vertical farms as a major resource let's remember everyone needs to eat and UFO is to date the one and only investment that addresses this at the Main Street level. Whether you are Blackrock ,UBS or Break though Energy Funds there is incredible opportunites in this segment as it has a global application that does good for our society not just our wallets. UFO-The MainStreet Farm for Everyone Everywhere. Be a participant not an observer. We are currently looking at locations and investors .

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