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#STARLINK#SPACEX#ELONMUSK#URBANVERTICALFARM Starlink will be delayed by 2 years as it is estimated as of now. Despite the efforts of Starlink for those of you that are not familiar it is a satellite network to provide internet connectivity to rural US which comprises 97% of the country per USDA. With the great resignation occurring many hope to work from home and depend on connectivity to do so. As it affect on our agricultural situation, which is not great, this impacts the ability to utilize A.I and robotics in some cases as such our reliance upon urban vertical farming as an expanded solution. With vacancies in office and retail sectors at 25-50% there's plenty of real estate to use and it also serves food deserts those under served areas that have been abandoned by grocery chains. Its a solution that gives the time needed to get Starlink up and running as well as a far more efficient reuse of existing real estate in cubic feet rather just square feet. It's remarkable how the universe is always providing opportunity even when it doesn't seem so.

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