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Yes, The U.S. Could Face Minor, Local Food Shortages, But They Will Be Temporary
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It seems you should get used to this as in a very causal manner we are being prepared for the reality that we are and will continue to see a scarity of what we in America refer to as staples. Be it the costco chicken(which is yummy) or baby formula you get the picture little by litlle we are paying more for less and on top of that there's less available at any price.

Food security is by far the most critical concern as a matter of fact whether it was in Davos or any other forum we are all being conditioned, Although there is no one answer rather several steps that can and should be taken the one that I have put my faith in is the vertical urban farm to fork store. for years I have been observing this crisis in the making and with Food Deserts in 97% of the USA as well as worldwide. As a result I have conceived this store by reusing the exisitng vacant buildings in our communities whenever possible for instance a Bed Bath and Beyond or Banana Republic a 15k sq ft building can calories for 6000 people. Organic grown right in front of you in your neighborhood designed around the local fare. Think of it the hour it was picked not the day, in addition a food bank that will provide for those in need. Additionally, a farm to school program where the children participate in growing the food that they have in school lunch programs. This is not a fancy NFT or new technology concept its just a new application of exxisitn tried and true vertical farming. Vetical Farmers currently grow for big box stores like Whole Foods , Costco and Walmart so for those already in a food desert these stores dont exist. Also where do their profits go? not to the local community a food bank or schools lunches. I have had a long successful life of careers in fashion and real estate and if theres one thing I know its trends EATING is not a TREND its a necessity. How and where we buy our food and quality and variety varies based on what we can afford and how accessible it is. A main street vertical farm is a local as you cant get combining it with the retail outlet is a full circle. I have been working on this project for awhile a realize its not sexy enough for Wall Street not yet. Be apart of the future invest in UFO-Urban Farm Organization

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