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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Smithfield plant shut down pork processing at stand still and farmers destroying crops

Well here it comes again the largest pork processing plant has been shut down again in South Dakota. Food shortages have been consistent during the pandemic. It comes ass no surprise that the same part of the country that have rejected covid shots and boosters have these problems. More disturbing is that farmers are destroying crops to artificially create a higher value. As countries limit their exports to the US of grains and as we become more isolated as a nation we should all be aware that hunger will outweigh no pun intended other important issues ie climate change. Its alot to swallow all at once so don"t choke on all the information. This has been the business model of the American farmer for along time. Reduce the supply to increase the value of the demand. Now is time for a new smart farming plan it is my conclusion that it involves new players in this field. This is the beginning of a series of blogs and posts that will provide solutions not pointing fingers or criticizing methods that worked in the past. I have launched a new real estate brand MORE that is based on smart farming techniques that already exist and have been proven successful. Regarding urban farming there are "dead malls" all over this country that can be converted to the befit of all participants into indoor smart farms. We can avoid these problems that affect all of us and we can have a better quality of produce both in abundance and nutritional value. Utilizing 10% of water than regular farming and zero carbon footprint think of that abandoned mall or office building or parking lot as a source of healthy fresh affordable food farm to table. consider the inner cities that have no access to even a grocery store this is a reality here and now. A healthier society is a happier one and good nutrition is a the core join me be part of MORE for you and yours.

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