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As Sir Isaac Newton's theory goes what goes up must come down. As Allan Greenspan said perception is 90% of the market. So that being said Zillow' 's CEO Barton announces the immediate abandonment of IBuy including that the science of all things will continue to go up may be flawed. Not wanting to sound old but anyone over 50 know real estate values go in cycles as people are complete animals when given the opportunity. Now a $2.8 billion portfolio as of today will be written down some 20%+ meaning that all of you that live near one of these investments just lost 20%+. Welcome to maturity you get gray hair and a pot belly and you also live cycles. When you get pragmatic and realize that the ponzy scheme we call market value is only a perception you get real, that means you buy a piece of property because it makes sense to you and for you. Between forbearance being over and 34% increase in delinquencies or that there are no cities that an American citizen can afford on minimum wage as a marketing person who is your customer and why would they buy now. Realtors have a habit of saying it's a good time to buy as well as sell that's not true the market is one way or another. No one know the future however when a big player that texts you every week telling you what your property is worth as either a listing or a purchase that bails on the market you best ask WHY! We have bigger fish to fry let's stop fooling around with old school bad habits while we still have a chance. We are being evicted from our planet as bad tenants and soon the marshall is coming for a lock out. How about being nicer to each other working together to prevent our eviction as a species. Thank you Zillow

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