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Urban Farm Organization - U.F.O.

Urban Farm Organization - U.F.O. not what you thought. As a matter of fact when I began my journey to establish sustainability practices and knowledge some 15 years ago I did not imagine this. However the universe has its own agenda and as I have learned be clear on your intentions be flexible on the results. Without explaining the obvious, our ability to grow healthy food in the ground is not longer a best solution. Vertical Urban Farms - the solution.

Why? Here are the basic facts - we now have only 40% of land capacity due to drought, poor soil conditions and obsolete methods. The Great Resignation - we are not going back to our offices plain and simple its a waste and these vacancies have created "Food Deserts" no Traders Joes or Whole Foods, rather a liquor store or 7 eleven providing the community.

Why? The Carbon footprint - fact transportation in California alone is 700 metric tons of carbon dioxide, is agriculture and that doesn't include you going to the store and driving home. Water, yes of all the water consumed in the world 70% is for agriculture and 40% of that evaporates that's why. UFO's Vertical Urban Farms, the reuse of the vacated buildings serving a community with healthy affordable food, providing jobs and as hydroponic using only 10% of the water, truly organic.

Why? The Real Estate - the reuse in a vertical farm converts square footage value to cubic feet of productivity for example a 100k sq ft building with a 30 foot roof line is 18 stacks or 1.2 million sq ft of food =28 acres. WOW! With the capacity to 3d buildout and cost out down to the crops which by the way UFO has 8.6 turns of crops per year not 2- like conventional farming. It would take 200 acres of fertile soil to compare with the crop yield at many times the cost and spoilage. U.F.O.- urban farm organization -a unit of MORE. More provides all of the services from site location to build out entitlements and turn key partner in our communities for our society.



George Goldstein


Pl: 310-625-3778

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