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A fifty year study by the Environmental Integrity Project the clean water act has discovered that 50% of our fresh water resources- rivers, streams and lakes are undrinkable. Furthermore it is too polluted for recreational use like swimming aquatic life and consumption and yes its not fit for you to drink. The report shows further, 700,000 miles of waterways about 51% accessed were impaired by pollution. This includes agricultural uses.

With 70% of all the water used in the world is for agriculture and 51% of that is too polluted to use it compounds an already strained society mired in droughts.

It should come as not surprise that we no longer can wait and pray for rain or snow as we are at the tipping point where our food security is at stake. With rising prices in every aisle of the grocery store. Shortages of staples causing hoarding and panic buying we should choose better methods to produce and deliver food for all of us. This effects rich and poor no one is left out of this parade.

Vertical urban farming -UFO- is the best solution as these farms will be in the underserved cities as well as the well served. Using only 10% of the water, all organic, a 50k sq ft farm will feed 17k people a day employing 70 or more local residence in good paying jobs. With 6-8 crop seasons a year this equals 24 acres. Reusing the vacant existing buildings, UFO (The Urban Farm Organization) is ready now to work directly with communities and investors to eliminate the food deserts create food security for our society and overcome the issues that face the status quo.

Others in this field produce crops that they sell to retailers like Costco and Walmart, these are amazing operations however they won't help you if your neighborhood doesn't have one of these big box retailers. UFO grows food for your community in your community with your community. We are ready to be the MAIN STREET grocer of the 21st Century. Be a part of the future eat well, live well, be healthy. UFO-The Urban Farm Organization


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