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What does the war in Ukraine have to do with your breakfast?

A healthy breakfast including a bowl of cereal just went up by 17%. The fact is 20-30 of wheat and corn comes from Ukraine and Russia. To compound runaway inflation and food security this is a major blow. Food security is certainly effected when the world largest suppliers are at war. To be precise 12% of calories traded in the world come from these countries. Our need to be self sustained in our food supply and at a reasonable price is vital to our and every society. With our domestic drought issues as well as population migration and work from home "food deserts" are a national problem.

Vertical farming has been one of the best solutions and numerous companies are growing an abundance of healthy organic crops which help solve the supply side. However, all of these farms sell to specific clients ie Walmart and Costco which does not solve the food deserts in numerous underserved communites nationwide. UFO-Urban Farm Organization addresses this issue as we are the Main Street vertical farm and store combined. These farms will be reusing existing buildings and for example a 50k sq ft building can feed 17k people a day using 10% of the water and no pestisdes these organic farms have 6-8 crop season a year not one. With an annual income of $47m and a profit of $11m these farms payback the investor in less than 2 years. UFO farms include a farm to school program with the intention of not only engaging children in how food is grown but to supply the schools with this nutritious food. A food bank so that no one needs to be hungry in your community. Food security and a healthy diet make for better neighbors and neighborhoods. We are inviting communites as well as investors to participate in UFO. Your Main Street Farm

4022 Global food prices rise to highest ever levels after Russian invasion _ Food security
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