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Vertical Farming


How does Vertical Urban Farming work? 


Vertical Urban Farming the solution re-use of now vacant urban real estate is coming to a neighborhood near you. With the events reshaping where and how we work front and center of our society there is once again a silver lining an un-expected upside to the effects in the office and retail sectors of real estate. Combined with the sustainability and conservation needs for our existence as well as the cost of food has created “food deserts”. It becomes obvious that the need to create a cohesive and comprehensive program. Some of these events have already proven that this sector will be successful and as many companies are innovating indoor farms with amazing results this niche focuses on existing buildings in end user consumer backyards.


The balance is equally equitable.
Opportunity Provide healthy nutrition food to underserved communities
Engage community

a. Community farms-co-ops
b. Farm to school programs
c. Re-use of vacant properties
Real Estate
a. Re-valuation and occupancy
b. Tax incentives
c. Entitlements/grants/loans
a. Reduction of carbon footprint
b. Sustainability using 90%less water
c. Recycling of nutrients


you know...


The USDA has $32 billion budget that is use it or lose it annually. There are 250
loans and 150+grants which can be applied for concurrently. The current farming industry
takes little advantage as it lacks the ability to submit business plans in a format acceptable for
funding. Brings the 2nd part of what is possible in Housing.

Housing Rural USA is 97% of our land mass as per USDA the result is that programs. To
be clear you don’t need to have a farm or any agricultural business interest to get funding from
the USDA and Rural Development to build own to rent a residence or business. As such
affordable housing is an important component. As we migrate from inner city to a more
comfortable live-work lifestyle rural areas have and the biggest increases ever as a matter of
fact 2 of every 3 transactions from urban became either suburban or rural. The benefits of rural

a. Cost of living is 41% lower
b. Poverty level is 21% lower
c. Multi-generational lifestyles
d. Access to affordable nutritious food and water
e. Organic social distancing

We Can We Should We Will

Why Does It Matter? 

I have spent 2 years researching and working on this program. It is merely looking at the existing ingredients and tweaking the recipe. My intention is to make our society and healthy happier one and that Mother Earth is treated with respect and although we cannot undo what’s been done, we can begin a new a better way of providing our society with its needs and desires. I am a firm believer that big ideas must be fundable and encourage those capital investments or they are only dreams. In simple math if an acre is worth $10k based on its crop yield and you increase that yield by 40 times you have directly increased the value of that acre proportionately. As it applies to urban existing
building it’s the same your rent-roll the quality of your tenancy and tenure equals the valuation. An empty mall or office space re-used in farming will in fact re-invent the valuation and attract entitlement, tax reductions as well as grants and favorable loan terms. Farmer don’t pay taxes the base tax is 5% and there are 183 pages of IRS deductions as well as everything from 1890 title Grant Act to Williamson Acts that reduce or eliminate taxes in exchange for continuing to use as agricultural. This year Elon Musk, Star link, Bill Gates. Breakthrough energy fund (the biggest farmer in the US as of 1/2/21) and Warren Buffett that sold Biogen last month and purchased Kroger’s should give your compass attention. Best and Highest use has never been farming as such the USDA has subsidizes and induced farmers and farmland. Now with modern innovations farmland and agricultural endeavors can be best and highest use. Isn’t that a twist of fate? My life’s work has always been for the greater good and money has always been a side-effect not an intention. I desire to be part of your family of like- minded individuals and would be honored to be part of your story. 

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